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Amusement parks are meant to be fun and exciting, however, there may be dangerous conditions on the premises that can lead to serious personal injuries. Over three hundred million  people visit amusement parks each year in the U.S. but unfortunately, some visitors become victims of accidents that occur due to negligence or faulty equipment. Unfamiliar surroundings along with other distractions such as parades, fireworks and large crowds may contribute to a variety of circumstances that leading  to unexpected consequences. Amusement park operators may be held responsible for the injuries that guests sustain during their visits to the park or their stays at an affiliated hotel.

Amusement park injuries include:

Slip and Fall/ Trip and Fall accidents - Crowded and unusual environments present foreseeable risk of injury. This may include: falling on stairs; tripping on tracks or other obstacles resulting in back, neck and shoulder injuries, broken  bones and head injuries. In addition, visitors may be injured by objects that have not been adequately secured or are in "splash zones" or other wet areas. Common trip and fall/ slip and fall injuries occur when entering or exiting rides and attractions and  encountering unexpected obstructions or uneven surfaces.

 Slip and Falls frequently occur when a surface or pathway is in a condition that causes the person to slip.
(i.e. wet surface around a water ride or in a bathroom).

Trip and Falls often occur when a foreign object or a trap-like impediment in the pathway causes a victim to fall.
(i.e. power cord, uneven walkway, obstacles, poor lighting, broken escalator, mis-leveled elevators, garbage and debris, etc.)

Entering or Exiting Rides - The phrase "watch your step" is commonly heard for a good reason. The unpredictable movement of rides can make it difficult to board or disembark when navigating these unfamiliar circumstances, especially with children. This can result in broken bones, head and neck injuries, back injuries and other serious forms of physical trauma.

Operator Error or Mechanical Failure - Ride operators may be poorly trained or distracted and failures in automated systems may prevent a ride from coming to a complete stop when boarding or exiting, especially when the attraction is overloaded.

Design Defects - Roller coasters and other amusement rides often require complex designs which push the boundaries of physics and computer automation. Improper programming or design can cause unsafe conditions which can occur as a result of vendor negligence.

Improper Maintenance and Repairs - Amusement park rides are complex machines that require significant maintenance. Loose cables, rusted belts, malfunctioning or worn out parts and broken safety latches are just a few of the mechanical items that need to be closely monitored and maintained by theme park operators. Any of these items can fail without warning and cause serious injuries to guests and theme park employees.

Sharp and Protruding Objects - Improperly secured objects or items with sharp edges can hit, cut or trip unsuspecting visitors without warning, causing lacerations and other serious injuries. Theme park owners are responsible for ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained and that guests are not subjected to potentially dangerous obstructions.

Abrupt Starts and Stops - Theme parks employees are constantly challenged by long lines of guests who are anxiously waiting to board their next adventure. Rides stop and start at a moment's notice due to delays or when guests trigger  automated sensors.  In an effort to keep things moving, ride operators often push the limits of fun vs safety and things can go wrong. Rapid acceleration and unexpected turns and stops can be hard on the body and can cause chronic injuries. If you have suffered an injury while visiting a theme park we can help.

Falling Objects - Rides and waiting areas are often heavily decorated at ground level and above. Improperly secured objects can become flying projectiles and may cause serious injuries to visitors with little or no warning.

Worker injuries - Employees often suffer serious injuries while carrying supplies, working with heavy equipment and machinery or falling from scaffolding or other elevated equipment. In addition, employees may work in confined areas behind the scenes and often rush to provide optimal service to their awaiting guests. Even though they may feel well acclimated to their surroundings, the constantly changing challenges of amusement park support and maintenance can be hazardous. If you have been injured on the job (regardless of your nationality or point of origin), we can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Wrongful Death/ - Unfortunately, a small percentage of visitors never return from their destination. When a fatal accident occurs, relatives are overwhelmed by grief and their minds are filled with questions.  Families deserve to know what happened and we can help obtain the answers that they need while aggressively pursuing compensation for their loss.

Our experienced attorneys can represent passengers who have visited major theme, adventure and water parks including:

✓Disneyland, Disney World or other Disney Theme Parks
✓Epcot Center

✓Six Flags Theme Parks
✓Sea World
✓Universal Studios
✓Water Parks
✓Go Cart Tracks
✓Specialty Theme Parks

Many venues insert a statute of limitations clause in their contract and often visitors fail to make an immediate claim. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one follow up on a theme park or amusement park related case as quickly as possible.

In court, the accused property owner will have attorneys that will try to refute and devalue your case.  Having an experienced personal injury accident lawyer on your side will help fight and counter the testimony given by the venue's operators. 

You have the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained from a negligent cruise ship operator!


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