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Heavy machinery and equipment accidents occur in construction zones throughout New York.  Construction accidents include:

-         Scaffold accidents

-         Falling object

-         Crane accidents

-         Electrocution due to low hanging wires
           or other causes.

-         Defective machines

-         Highway work zone accidents

In order to operate such machinery, construction workers must pass safety tests as well as abide by the strict rules and regulations that ensure not only their safety but also the safety of others.

Working with heavy equipment in itself often entails a high risk of injury.  However, when companies do not provide the proper maintenance of equipment and training of the operators, they may be liable for injuries incurred on a worksite.  It is the duty of the contractors to ensure not only that the workers are safe but that there is an adequate amount of warnings related to potentially hazardous zones.  For example, a supervisor’s failure to enforce safety measures may make him liable for injuries that occur due to his failure.

It is important to promptly report and investigate a construction accident case.  An attorney will help arrange for investigative work, including access to the property and photographs of the property.  In many cases there are deadlines to which a notice must be given to the accused party.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that one follow up on a accident case as soon as possible.

In court, the accused party will have attorneys that will try to refute and devalue your case.  Having an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury cases involving heavy machinery and equipment on your side will help fight and counter the testimony given by the accused.  You have the right for proper compensation for the injuries attained by other people's negligence!

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