Sidewalk Accidents

By law, sidewalks must be kept in good condition.  The city or property owners are held responsible for keeping of the sidewalks in good and safe condition.  Injuries incurred by walking on sidewalks are often categorized as trip and fall/ slip and fall injuries.  The most common of sidewalk accidents occur when the sidewalk is cracked and dangerous (such as an uneven, broken or slippery surface without proper warning signage). Injuries obtained by a sidewalk that was unsafe or in poor repair may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Sidewalks need to be kept in a safe condition and in good repair. 

By law, the owner of certain types of property must exercise reasonable care in seeing that the condition of the abutting sidewalk is safe and does not subject pedestrians to any harm.  The owner must take action within a reasonable amount of time whenever he becomes aware of any condition that would be unsafe or hazardous to the sidewalk.  If a hazard exists on the sidewalk, and the owner failed to act in a timely manner, then the owner may be negligent and can be held liable for any injury incurred.

In court, the accused property owner will have attorneys that will try to refute and devalue your case.  Having a sidewalk accident attorney on your side will help fight and counter the testimony given by the property owner. 

You have the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained from a negligent property owner!

The experienced lawyers at Hill & Moin, LLP are here to help. We understand the law and we know how to get results for our clients. If you have been injured as the result of a preventable accident we want to hear from you.

Sidewalk Accident Lawyers - New York


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