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"Fall accidents" is the umbrella term for injuries incurred when someone slips, trips, or falls due to a dangerous condition on another person’s property.  Such injuries are also known as “slip, trip and fall” injuries.

There are two main categories for slip and fall accidents: 

- Trip and Fall, a foreign object in the pathway caused the fall(i.e. stack of books); an impediment in the pathway caused the fall (i.e. power cord, uneven sidewalk, pot hole or broken sidewalk)

- Slip and Fall, the surface of the pathway is in a condition that causes the person to slip (i.e. wet surface)

The most common of trip and fall/ slip and fall injuries occurs when an area is unexpectedly wet or uneven.  If it can be shown that the owner of the property either knew about or caused the unsafe condition and did nothing to fix or warn of it, he may be held liable for any injury incurred from a slip and fall/ trip and fall accident.

The most common location of a slip and fall/ trip and fall injury occurs either at home the workplace.  Slip and fall/ trip and fall injuries that are the result of unsafe working conditions may be the result of not following OSHA regulations.  If an employer neglects the safety of his workers by allowing an unsafe condition to persist, he may be held liable for any injuries obtained by slip and fall/ trip and fall.

In building a slip and fall/ trip and fall case it is important to have a report to account for the incident.  The report should be completed around the time of the incident, as delaying may lead to key details being left out.  The report should include the time, location, and cause of the incident as well as any information relating to people that witnessed either the accident or the conditions that led to the accident.  If possible, take photographs of the area as quickly as possible.  Also, it is important that any injuries incurred in the incident get treated and documented at a medical facility as soon as possible so it can not be speculated that any injuries were obtained between the time of the of the fall and the doctor trip.

It is important to promptly report and investigate a slip and fall/ trip and fall accident.  An attorney can help arrange for investigative work, including access to the property and photographs of the property.  In many cases there are deadlines to which a notice must be given to the accused party.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that one follow up on a slip and fall/ trip and fall case as quickly as possible.

In court, the accused property owner will have attorneys that will try to refute and devalue your case.  Having an experienced slip and fall/ trip and fall attorney on your side will help fight and counter the testimony given by the property owner. 

You have the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained from a negligent property owner!

“Other lawyers said that my case was too hard, but Hill & Moin were confident. I was so happy with them. They were – in one word – perfect!”

- Maria Olivero -
  Injured when she slipped and fell on snow and ice.

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