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Anyone who is injured or has had a loved one killed in a truck related accident can sue as long as some other person or entity is at fault. This includes adults and children (who can sue through guardians or parents) and even truck drivers if another person or entity was at fault for the accident.

In addition, liability can often be placed upon truck drivers and the trucking companies as well as any other driver, person or entity who contributed to the accident. This may include the manufacturer of one the vehicles involved in the accident, the manufacturer of a tire that contributed to the accident or the owner of any public or private property whose negligence contributed to the accident.

Injuries caused by truck accidents may be handled differently from auto accidents. Although the same laws of negligence will apply, there are special vehicle code sections which apply only to commercial truck drivers and trucking companies and there are special licensing and training requirements of truck drivers which generally make truck accidents harder to defend and easier to for plaintiffs to win.

You can have a legitimate claim even if you are partially at fault. In most situations large trucking companies will perform their own investigation if the truck was commercially owned. It is important that you retain an attorney who immediately investigates the case to attempt to pin down liability on any potential defendants.

Sometimes injuries occur because of reasons outside the impact itself.  For example, a truck defect may lead or be the causing factor of one or more injuries incurred during an accident.  Defected parts or poorly designed cars, motorcycles, or bicycles may also lead to unnecessary injuries that were not the direct result of the crash itself.

The following is a list of the common situations that lead to can cause truck related accident injuries:

-          Overworked drivers that get drowsy, resulting in dangerous driving leading to accidents

-         Drivers under the influence of alcohol

-         Defective tires

-         Defective helmets and equipment

-     Dangerous railroad crossings that cause accidents

A seriously injured plaintiff may be entitled to recover all of their past and future medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering, etc. If a person is killed in a truck accident, the survivors may recover monetary damages for their losses as well as damages for emotional distress.

It is important to promptly report and investigate a truck accident.  An attorney will help arrange for investigative work, including access to the property and photographs of the property.  In many cases there are deadlines to which notice must be given to the accused party.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that one follow up on a truck injury case as soon as possible.

Remember, not all injuries to the people involved in the accident will be apparent immediately. For example, back injuries tend to show themselves up to several weeks after the incident.  Make sure that you file a police report to document the accident. After about 2 weeks the report should be available.  Request a copy of it, whether or not it corroborates with your story, because it will be important for your case.

It is important to select your law firm carefully. If the defense believes that a plaintiff’s attorney will not only go to trial, but will receive an optimum verdict, the defense’s risk is increased and thus the settlement value of the case is increased.

Most legal questions require complex investigation. The information provided here may not be fully applicable to your case. For more detailed answers to these questions, an accident victim should consult with an attorney.

In court, the accused party will have attorneys that will try to refute and devalue your case.  Having an experienced truck accident attorney on your side will help fight and counter the testimony given by the accused. 

You have the right to receive proper compensation for injuries attained due to the negligence of others!

Don't wonder about your rights!

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