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Hill & Moin Reaches $1,760,000 Settlement
for Visitor Who Fell in NYC School Building

The case was tried by Melisande Hill before a Brooklyn jury. Plaintiff tripped and fell over a mislaid mat in a New York City School when exiting the building. The supervising custodian had taken the day off.  Plaintiff, a retired nursing home worker, suffered neck injuries. The jury unanimously found in her favor and awarded $1.250,000 for pain and suffering and $560,000 for medical expenses. Her successful trial attorney, Melisande Hill, stated: “We worked hard to get our client the verdict she deserved.  She was like part of our family.”

Hill & Moin LLP is proud of the resolution of many successful cases in 2005 - 2017 involving falls, job-related injuries, auto accidents and medical malpractice. These extraordinary results included:*

$10.0 Million verdict for a fall of defective steps.

6.5 MILLION settlement for medical negligence in treating a stroke patient.

OVER $4 MILLION judgment collected for the landlord’s negligence causing a skull fracture and brain injuries to a young boy.

$2.5 Million settlement of a malpractice action for medical errors in the delivery of a baby causing brain damage.

$2.5 Million settlement for an injured party when a ceiling crashed on him

$2.45 Million settlement for a woman struck by a van

$2.25 Million settlement for a retired man injured by a doctor’s error.

$2 Million dollar settlement at trial for a union carpenter, who suffered a crushing arm injury caused by a falling form wall on a Manhattan construction site.

$2 Million for a customer injured in a supermarket.

$1.9 Million verdict for a construction worker who was struck by a wooden plank and fractured his collarbone.

$1.76 Million settlement for a fall in a public school.

$1.6 Million settlement for worker who fell from scaffold at construction worksite.

$1.5 Million settlement for a birth injury.

$1.5 Million settlement for bedsores suffered by a senior after surgery.

$1.5 Million award to a woman for nerve damage sustained when a camera tripod fell on her foot.

$1.5 Million settlement of a malpractice action for a brain damaged mother involving medical errors in the delivery of her baby.

$1.4 Million verdict for a pedestrian struck by a taxi cab.

$1.25 Million settlement for a delivery worker injured at the Fulton Fish Market.

$1.25 Milliion settlement for a construction worker who fell from a ladder onto a scaffold.

$1.25 Million settlement for a bicyclist struck by an ambulance.

$1.2 Million settlement for a tourist who fell on a broken sidewalk and suffered a serious eye injury.

$1.125 Million settlement at trial for the pain and suffering of a laborer who fell from a ladder while removing an air duct during renovation of commercial space in Manhattan.

$1,075,000 settlement for a laborer injured in a ladder accident.

$1,000,000 settlement for a worker injured in a a scaffolding accident.

$975,000 settlement to a construction worker who fell of a scaffold.

$975,000 settlement for 54 year old garage worker injured in a garage floor collapse.

$900,000 settlement for a construction worker who was struck by a falling object.

$875,000 setllement for a trip and fall on a defective sidewalk.

$850,000 settlement for a restaurant worker who slipped and fell on the job.

$850,000 settlement for a postal woker who fell into a hole in a deli.

$850,000 settlement for a welder injured on a construction site.

$850,000 settlement for a beverage distributor driver who slipped and fell on snow and ice.

$850,000 settlement for a plumber struck by falling bricks at a construction site.

$787,500 settlement for a passenger injured in a livery cab accident.

$750,000 settlement for a New York construction worker who fell down a defective stairway while on the job.

$750,000 settlement for a woman who fell on wet stairs.

$750,000 award for chiropractic malpractice.

$700,000 Settlement for a pedestrian struck outside of the crosswalk.

$700,000 settlement for a home health aide who fell in the subway.

$700,000 settlement for a construction worker’s hand injury.

$650,000 settlement to a school bus driver who fell down rotted exterior steps of a school.

$650,000 settlement for a medical malpractice claim where a doctor failed to treat an infection.

$650,000 settlement for an eye injury caused by a doctor's negligence.

$625,000 settlement for an asbestos worker injured when a ladder collapsed.

$600,000 settlement for a senior citizen injured when walking by a construction site.

$600,000 settlement for a 69 Year Old Puerto Rican Man Struck By Construction Site Door.

$600,000 settlement for a martial arts student who suffered an eye injury.

$600,000 settlement for a passenger in an automobile accident.

$550,0000 settlement for a senior citizen who fell in a bank.

$550,000 settlement for a worker who fell through a hole into a basement.

$550,000 settlement for a medical malpractice case where a patient was seriously injured due to a hospital error which occurred during surgery.

$550,000 settlement after trial for a knee injury suffered during an intersection collision.

$546,000 verdict for the victim of a stairway fall.

$525,000 settlement for a painter who fell from a ladder.

$515,000 settlement for man injured while at work at New York Sports Club on unleveled elevator.

$500,000 settlement for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle after his first attorney abandoned his case.

$500,000 for an electrician who fell off a ladder.

$500,000 settlement for a Ukrainian electrician who was struck by a car.

$500,000 settlement for a maintenance worker injured when an elevator misleveled.

$500,000 to a 93 year old woman struck by a truck.

$500,000 to a young mother struck by a van.

$500,000 settlement for a a painter injured in a car accident.

$500,000 settlement against a utility company for a sidewalk trip and fall.

$500,000 settlement for an eye injury suffered from a falling object on a construction site.

... and Millions of dollars of settlements for other injured New York residents, workers and visitors to our state.

In the last year, you may have heard or seen us on WCBS-News Radio 88 and local television stations that did profiles on some of our most newsworthy cases.

Our 35 years of trial and appellate experience allow us to litigate with confidence and success in complicated personal injuries cases. Simply stated, we achieve superlative settlements that change the lives of our clients.

You have the right to receive proper compensation for the injuries sustained by other people's negligence!

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