Worker's Compensation

New York Worker's Compensation and Third Party Law Suit Claims

In New York, Workers’ Compensation provides most employees with coverage for medical bills and loss of earnings resulting from on the job injuries regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not.

Many times injured employees are afraid to speak to a lawyer because they are undocumented, paid in cash or working off of the books. They may feel that they will be threatened with termination if they file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you fall into any of these categories you should meet with the attorneys of Hill & Moin, LLP for a confidential free consultation. All workers will want to maximize their compensation during their period of recovery so don’t delay.

Third Party Law Suits

If a third party other than your employer was negligent and contributed to your injury you may have recourse against that party.

These cases may involve:

Vehicular accidents

  • Sales people traveling to appointments

  • Delivery personnel including bicycle messengers

  • Transportation workers

  • EMS personnel

  • Municipal workers

  • Uniformed and non-uniformed workers

Premises Accidents/ Trip and fall/ Slip and fall

  • Contractors

  • Delivery people

  • Home health aides and attendants while performing tasks or errands for their patients

  • New York City Police, Firefighters, School teachers and Department of Sanitation Workers who are injured in the line of duty

Construction Accidents

  • Falls from ladders/ scaffolds

  • Falling objects

  • Roofing accidents

  • Painting accidents

  • Falling debris

  • Cluttered or messy worksites

  • Defective machinery and equipment

  • Negligence by other subcontractors on a worksite

  • Falling objects

  • Hoisting accidents

  • Trench collapses

  • Structural defects

  • Falls from structures

Employees who are hurt in the workplace should seek professional attention immediately so that they won’t suffer a gap in receiving compensation during the time that they are home from work or in the hospital recovering from their injuries. Often injured workers will be able to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits as well as awards for pain and suffering. Hill & Moin, LLP can help you through the maze of administrative hearings and legal options available to you if you are hurt on the job.

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